Farmer Ron and Grower Carol

We are Lost Valley Gardens Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm. Lost Valley Gardens was established originally as a sustainable landscape services and native Texas plant nursery which we transitioned in 2010 into our long-time dream of a community farm. We have used sustainable and organic methods in all of our growing operations since our inception.

We grow some of our crops in our greenhouse and the rest are in various fields and raised beds on our small scale farm.

Basil, Chard, Kale, and Spinach in the Greenhouse in August

Fall Crops in Our One West Field

We decided to be a CSA farm because of our desire to connect directly with our customers and our belief that our customers want a direct connection to their food source. The subscription CSA model is based on a community of individuals who pledge to support the farm operation and to share in the risks and benefits of producing high-quality, nutrient-dense, locally and sustainably grown vegetables, fruits and herbs. The arrangement is simple and direct. CSA members commit in advance for shares of the farm production on a seasonal basis and are assured of a weekly (or bi-weekly) share of the crops produced on the farm each week.

A share consists of a volume of approximately a half bushel, the weight of which depends on the crops contained in it. Our shares contain a combination of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs. Seeds and transplants are also offered for members who wish to grow their own gardens.

Typical Summer Farm Share

If you are interested in joining our farm, or just want to learn more about the crops that we grow and our prices, click here to take a look at our membership document.

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