Lost Valley Gardens CSA: Latest post

Say Hello to the Brandon Family

Please join me in welcoming the new owners of the farm at Sycamore Creek,

Lost Valley Gardens CSA: Latest post

Organic Homestead – SOLD

It is with both excitement and some sadness that I share with you the news that our farmstead is now officially for sale. We are sad to be leaving our home, friends and family, but we are excited to begin our ‘retirement’ adventure in Vermont (stay tuned for future installments). UPDATE: We have just changed […]

Lost Valley Gardens CSA: Latest post

A Fork in Our Path

This past fall we reached a fork in our path. There were many things that led us to the ‘fork’. The loss of two of our farm dogs in the spring and summer. The realization that we would probably need to change our farm business model in order to increase our profit margin. The fact […]

Lost Valley Gardens CSA: Latest post

The Chicks are Here!

We are raising chicks (for laying) for the first time. We got our previous hens as pullets, so this is a new and exciting experience for us. I love the sound of their cheeping and our rooster, Bullock, seems to know they are here because he hasn’t stopped crowing since they arrived. Bullock the Rooster […]

Lost Valley Gardens CSA: Latest post

Spring Squash is Blooming

First squash bloom of the spring. (This is a test of the WordPress mobile app.)

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Welcome to Lost Valley Gardens CSA Farm and Nursery

Lost Valley Gardens is a family owned and managed organic farm. We grow all of our vegetables and herbs using sustainable, organic methods.

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