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Easter Surprise

We didn’t have eggs or bunnies here for Easter, but this Indigo Bunting that we spotted in the back yard early Easter morning was a wonderful Easter surprise. We often see Painted Buntings here in the spring and summer, but I have never seen an Indigo Bunting. They are the most incredible shade of blue.

As Good as it Gets

The weather here in Central Texas has been ‘as good as it gets’ for the past few weeks. The temperatures have been a little below normal, and the humidity has been low. Even the wind has been more gentle lately. All of this means that the gardens are growing rapidly. I am struggling to keep […]

More Native Bloomers

This native wisteria is so much nicer than it’s Asian counterparts, especially in the Hill Country, I can’t understand why folks wouldn’t choose to plant these instead. The Wisteria frutescens produces fairly large lavender colored blooms simultaneously with it’s clean, deep green foliage. It is a repeat bloomer, and is easily managed and contained. Native […]

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