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First Fall Farm Shares Delivered

Due to the brutal and extended heat and drought that we have been enduring here in central Texas our fall crops have been slow to start, but the recent moderation in temperatures has allowed our early fall crops to get going and has somewhat revived some of our late summer crops. So, we were able to deliver our very first CSA farm shares last week. We are now officially “in business” as a CSA farm! Last week’s shares included basil, okra, eggplant, southern shelling peas, peppers, pac choy, swiss chard, mixed greens and farm eggs.

Looking Forward

We have been keeping busy with harvesting, progression planting, fall crop planting and fall and winter crop planning. July is the critical time to get certain fall crops such as tomato, pepper, okra, and eggplant transplants in the ground to assure production before cold weather sets in. We also need to get pumpkins and winter […]

New Blooms and Veggies

I bought this The President Clematis from the Natural Gardener in the spring of this year, and it was green and covered with large purple blooms. I planted it in an eastern exposure where it gets full morning sun, and the top part of the plant gets midday and afternoon sun as well. There are garden sage plants at the foot of the plant to help shade the roots also. Several weeks after I planted it, the weather turned very hot and dry and all of the blooms fell off and the foliage started to turn a bit brown. No new growth was evident at all, until last week. There are now several new branches putting out leaves and setting flower buds. I am so pleased. I put this plant at the front entrance to the house hoping that it would be worthy of being showcased.

Harvesting Peppers and Tomatos

Although it has been extremely hot so far this summer, I am starting to bring in a pretty good harvest of jalapeno and bell peppers, and tomatoes. I admit that I am using a lot of water to keep these plants happy enough to be bearing good quality produce, but the results are definitely worth it. I harvested over two pounds of bell peppers – small, but meaty and juicy, and almost two pounds of jalapeno peppers – all very nice looking. The large tomatoes are just starting to ripen, and they are fairly good quality, and the cherry tomatoes are producing lots of really tasty fruits.

New Views and Greenhouse Tomatoes

I planted about twenty broccoli plants in the fall this year. Some have done really well, and others have struggled. The one pictured below is the biggest one we had all year. They are the most tasty broccoli I have grown to date, equally good raw in salads and lightly steamed with a little butter, […]

Last Day of the Year

We have been eating tomatoes from our greenhouse for the past month or so, but up until now they have been tasty but on the small side. However, we are now starting to get more and more large, juicy tomatoes. What a treat in the Winter. Below is an example of the larger tomatoes that […]

Another Day In the Life

Sunrise this morning was spectacular. The air was crisp and cool when I went out on the terrace to take these shots this morning. What a great start to the day. Dripping Springs Sunrise Dripping Springs Sunrise The Big Beef and Celebrity tomatoes that I planted in the greenhouse last month are doing wonderfully. The […]

What’s Blooming This Week at Lost Valley Gardens

Here are some of the photos that I took this morning to journal how things are looking at the beginning of spring this year. I selected my favorites from a set of 38 photos. Click here if you want to view the whole set as a slideshow. I love the look of these lavender colored […]

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