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Full Time Organic Farming – My New Life

Some twelve or thirteen years ago Ron and I, disappointed in our corporate high tech jobs, set a goal of starting our own small business. We weren’t completely sure exactly what kind of business it would be at that point, just that it would involve growing plants and vegetables. And so we set out on our journey of learning and discovery. There was so much to know, so many decisions to make, so far to go to get where we wanted to be. It seemed overwhelming and confusing many times, but we kept moving along at a slow and steady pace.

Later Winter Seed Starting

I chose the seed varieties below for the late winter garden. I love the new Seeds of Change seed packaging. It is much easier to use, waterproof, re-sealable, and environmentally friendly. The descriptions below were copied from the Seeds of Change web site (with a few comments added by me), and links are provided to […]

Babies are Being Born Every Day in the Nursery

The seeds have been germinating for less than two weeks, and many of them are already well along. I keep planting a flat every day or so, so the production should continue throughout the growing season. I am pleased with production so far, especially considering that my old seedstarting mats aren’t working and I am […]

What’s Going on at Lost Valley Gardens

Spring is just around the corner here in central Texas, and it is time to get the Lost Valley Gardens nursery and plant production operation back into action. Our landscaping business has been steady, even through the winter. Ron has been working on a deck for the past few months. That project continues to go […]

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