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Hot Summer Days

Both the calendar and thermometer agree, it is officially summer here in Central Texas.

Farming and Marketing

Our winter crops are thriving and many early spring crops have been started. It feels a lot like spring already which is a bit worrisome. Spring seems to arrive a little bit earlier each year, but to have it start in January just seems a bit extreme. The crops, however, are loving the cool nights […]

New Year Plans and Projects

With all the warm weather we have been having it doesn’t really seem like winter. Hard freezes have been sparse so far this winter and with the regular rainfall we have had all fall cool-weather plants and crops are thriving. It also looks like wildflowers will make a welcome return this spring after having almost none last spring.

Night and Day

Up until today, October hasn’t felt much like fall, but that changed yesterday evening when our first strong cold front blew in. Later in the week we may be needing to cover our warm weather crops to keep them from freezing.

Is It Spring or Summer?

Another sure sign of spring is the annual Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour, which is coming up on April 23, 2011. Ron went on the tour last year so we could get ideas for our first chicken coop and to collect information from local experts about what types of chickens do well here. Now, less than a year later, we have our first coop and a nice little family of chickens, two hens and one rooster.

Preparation and Propagation

The transplants in the greenhouse are thriving for the most part, although it has been a bit of a challenge keeping the greenhouse cool enough for the broccoli, chard and lettuce during the unusual warm period we have been experiencing for the past couple of weeks. The temp rose to 84 F outside yesterday, which […]

Later Winter Seed Starting

I chose the seed varieties below for the late winter garden. I love the new Seeds of Change seed packaging. It is much easier to use, waterproof, re-sealable, and environmentally friendly. The descriptions below were copied from the Seeds of Change web site (with a few comments added by me), and links are provided to […]

Babies are Being Born Every Day in the Nursery

The seeds have been germinating for less than two weeks, and many of them are already well along. I keep planting a flat every day or so, so the production should continue throughout the growing season. I am pleased with production so far, especially considering that my old seedstarting mats aren’t working and I am […]

Fall Crops Are in the Greenhouse

Well, it may be 100 degrees outside, but it is a cool 80 degrees in our greenhouse at the north end near the evaporative cool wall. All of my transplants are doing very well, and should be ready to put in the ground in early September. Take a look at some of the plants we […]

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