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El Nino Showers Continue

Thanks to the el nino effect, this has been one of the wettest fall and winter seasons that I can remember since I moved to Central Texas over twenty years ago. The results of all this rain on the gardens and wildflowers is remarkable. The late winter, early spring blooming plants, such as the Carolina […]

Planting Pansies

We had a cloud burst early in the morning this morning which yielded about an eighth of an inch of rain, and made the conditions perfect for planting the three flats of pansies and violas that I got yesterday. I planted some in pots and some in my raised beds. Potted Pansies Potted Pansies Potted […]

Growing and Blooming

We have almost sold out of our early spring vegetable plants and annual flowers, and what we aren’t selling I can’t resist planting in any nook or cranny I can find. We tried a couple of new varieties of violas this year that I was particularly pleased with; the Viola Bilbo Baggins (pictured first), and […]

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