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Signs of Spring

The signs of spring are everywhere, and with all of the rain we have been getting since fall, this spring promises to be a glorious one.

Greens in the Greenhouse

The produce and herbs in the greenhouse are doing pretty well. It is such a pleasure to cut fresh lettuce, chard, spinach, and herbs in the middle of winter. The surprising thing is how little space it takes to grow enough to eat for several months.

Greenhouse Produce Growing

We have a nice winter vegetable crop started in the greenhouse this year. We have half a dozen cucumbers, over twenty tomatoes, raspberries, lettuce, and some peppers. All of the plants are hooked up to a drip irrigation system. We are using liquid organic fertilizer applied in-line through the irrigation system which seems to be working really well. The plants are all very healthy and vigorous, with thick stalks and broad leaves. I will be planting spinach, chard, more lettuce, and some herbs over the holidays, which I can move out to the gardens later if we want to.

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