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Trellis Header Up and Rafters In Progress

Trellis construction has been slow, but steady. With every additional element the structure looks better and better. The header boards are completed and the posts have been cut to length, and the structure balances well with the size and scale of the retaining wall below.

Retaining Wall and Grotto Area

We spent all weekend working on the retaining wall and the grotto area in the southwest corner of the courtyard. Progress was good despite 20-30 mph winds both days (I hate wind). At this point you can really see how the newly created areas lay out and create the transition from the courtyard area to the raised be gardens below.

Photos of the Deck Project

Ron has been working on a deck project for a customer in Austin for the past couple of months. He recently completed the deck construction and I selected a few of his photos to share. The next steps in this project will be adding the planting beds and plants that will surround the deck perimeter. […]

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