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Grotto Pond is Complete

I didn’t have much luck with the first desert willow tree that I planted several years ago. It is still alive, but barely. So when we built the retaining wall this spring, which created deep, well drained planting beds, I bought a new desert willow to plant in this bed. I have always wanted to have a mature desert willow tree. They have such beautiful blooms, interesting foliage and graceful growth habits. The blooms on this specimen almost look like orchids.

Trellis Project is Complete

Trellis construction is now complete and it looks really good. We found some copper covered post caps which tie in with the copper roofs of the bird houses that are mounted on the taller posts on either side of the stairs that lead to the lower garden. In keeping with the copper accents, I found some string lights with copper shades which I may purchase to string under the trellis, but I haven’t made up my mind on that purchase yet.

Trellis Header Up and Rafters In Progress

Trellis construction has been slow, but steady. With every additional element the structure looks better and better. The header boards are completed and the posts have been cut to length, and the structure balances well with the size and scale of the retaining wall below.

Construction of the Retaining Wall Trellis Begins

Ron has over half of the trellis posts constructed and the effect of the structure on the overall courtyard design is starting to emerge. The posts will ultimately be shortened by a couple of feet so they are a bit tall right now, but I like the thickness (5″ X 5″) we chose. I think the scale and balance of the structure to the courtyard area and the retaining wall are definitely going to work. Ron says he feels like he is building the Parthenon. Ha.

Retaining Wall and Grotto Area

We spent all weekend working on the retaining wall and the grotto area in the southwest corner of the courtyard. Progress was good despite 20-30 mph winds both days (I hate wind). At this point you can really see how the newly created areas lay out and create the transition from the courtyard area to the raised be gardens below.

Retaining Wall Project Continues

I hope your holidays have been as restful and pleasant as ours have been. To be honest, I am not exactly looking forward to returning to work next week, but the weather is predicted to become cold and rainy on Monday and Tuesday so perhaps it won’t be as difficult a transition as it might be. Today it is lovely here. Not too windy, and quite warm.

Courtyard Project – Phase Two: Retaining Wall

We have been pondering and planning the materials and design for the south side of the courtyard for a year now. I can’t tell you how many different ideas we have tested out for the treatment of this space. It is the transition between the courtyard and the lower vegetable garden area. There is about a four foot drop in the elevation between the two areas, and it occurs at the south end of the courtyard area.

Front Yard Project: Part 4

We are well into filling the new raised beds with dirt. I don’t know how many tons of dirt we will end up using for these three beds, but it is a lot of dirt. The second truck full of dirt was delivered yesterday, and another large truckload will be delivered today. With the help […]

Front Yard Project: Part 3

The cold weather has finally arrived, just in time for Thanksgiving. We went from a record high 89 degrees to 50 degrees in about two hours on Wednesday afternoon. The rain is forecast to commence late this afternoon, and then to continue all weekend, and the temperatures are going to stay in the 40s. Brrrr. […]

Front Yard Project: Part 2

Removal of the primrose hedge on the east side of the house is moving along quickly. It is surprising how much of a difference it makes to the view of the front yard from the house to have this hedge gone. Even though I tried to keep this hedge well trimmed, these plants grow so […]

The Front Yard Project: Part 1

As I mentioned in my last post. We have started to work on a landscaping project in our front yard. We built a cedar fence to define the space last year, but we just recently began the rock work that will form the raised beds. We are filling the raised beds with Geo Growers Thunder […]

The Spiral Walking Meditation Garden Project

The photos below show different aspects of a spiral shaped garden that Ron worked on over the winter. I do not have any interesting background or trivia to share about this design at the moment (if I get some I will certainly add it), so without further ado, here are the photos. I believe that […]

Photos of the Deck Project

Ron has been working on a deck project for a customer in Austin for the past couple of months. He recently completed the deck construction and I selected a few of his photos to share. The next steps in this project will be adding the planting beds and plants that will surround the deck perimeter. […]

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