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Say Hello to the Brandon Family

Please join me in welcoming the new owners of the farm at Sycamore Creek, the Brandon family; (from right to left) Ross, Whitney, Kirby and Wiley.

Brandon Family

They are wonderful people who I know you will enjoy meeting and getting to know better. We are so pleased that Whitney is committed to continuing to farm and to offer the community fresh organically grown vegetables and eggs. I believe the new name for the farm will be Blue Butterfly Farm, and Whitney will probably be selling her products from a farm stand on the farm. I’m not sure what her time-frame for opening the farm stand will be since she and the family are still getting settled, but once I have that information I will share it with you.

Meanwhile, Lost Valley Gardens has moved to Vermont! We have only been here for about two weeks but we absolutely love it. What a beautiful place this is. We plan to continue farming and are considering raising sheep (for wool). For the moment though we are getting acclimated and are looking for a home and piece of land on which to establish our new farm. We viewed a property yesterday that looks like a great place for us and are hoping that we are able to successfully purchase it (we made an offer on it today). Below are a couple of pictures that I took of the place yesterday to give you an idea of what our new farm may look like.

Farm House

View Looking West From the House

View Looking North From the House

Hope everything is going well for all of you!


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