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Summer Is Just Around the Corner

It has been a busy and eventful week here at the farm. We participated in the inaugural Dripping Springs Community Farmer’s Market, two new members joined the farm, our walk-in veggie cooler is almost ready for use and our summer crops are really starting to produce now. It has been hotter than I would like and we haven’t had as much rain as we need, but at least it hasn’t hit 100 yet and there is some rain in the forecast for this week.

Our first farmers market experience at the Dripping Springs Community Farmer’s Market hosted by the Texas Hill Country Olive Company was both fun and profitable. We are so grateful to Sean at the Olive Co for organizing this farmers market and providing local farmers like us the opportunity to sell our locally grown organic produce and to meet our fellow community members, without a fee to us, all in the comfort of his wonderful store. If you haven’t been to the Texas Hill Country Olive Company store it is well worth a visit. They sell really tasty treats and the setting is lovely. For the past few weeks the field across the street from the Olive Co store has been full of deep purple monarda. Absolutely beautiful!

The Texas Hill Country Olive Company With Farmer’s Market Sign Up

I love the landscaping leading to the Olive Co patio area. I can see the market expanding into this area in the fall when the weather is nice.

The Texas Hill Country Olive Company Outdoor Patio Area

We welcomed two new members to our farm this week, Karen and Dorothy! It is so exciting to have some members who are close to the farm. Karen shared the incredible cucumber-cottage cheese recipe that I included at the end of this post. Thanks Karen! She also posted a great picture of her first Lost Valley Gardens CSA farm share and a wonderful complimentary comment about the quality of our produce to Facebook. Very gratifying and motivating for us!

In your farm share box this week we included Toscano kale, dry onions, tomatoes, various types of summer squash, green beans, eggplant, jalapenos, bell peppers, poblanos and a couple of Anaheim peppers, southern peas (snaps), cucumbers, leeks, okra, parsley and basil.

Farm Share Week of June 3

We are anxiously awaiting the first of our cantaloupes and watermelons. They are looking very good. Some of them are quite large. But they are not quite ripe yet. It looks like some of the cantaloupes will be ready within a week and the watermelons probably a week more.

Cantaloupes In One West Field

Crimson Sweet Watermelon In One West Field

With all those melons starting to ripen, along with all of the squash, beans, eggplants, cucumbers, okra, southern peas and herbs that we are harvesting every day now, we will be needing this walk-in cooler that Ron has been building for the past couple of weeks. It looks like there are just a few more things to complete and it will be ready! I’m curious to see how cool we can keep it during the heat of the summer. It is a tightly sealed, thickly insulated room with an air conditioner and a gizmo called a Coolbot that regulates the temperature. I’m thinking it will make a great cool spa during the summer. Kind of like jumping into a swimming pool without the water.

Walk In Produce Cooler About 90% Complete

Threadgillls Cottage Cheese and Cucumber Salad

Threadgillls Cottage Cheese and Cucumber Salad Ingredients

Threadgillls Cottage Cheese and Cucumber Salad

Recipe adapted and shared by Karen Smith


Cottage Cheese
Scallion or sweet onion
Tabasco Sauce


Chop parsley, cucumber and scallions. Mix with cottage cheese. Add desired amount of tabasco, stir and chill for several hours.

Happy gardening!


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