Organic Liquid Fertilizers

Organic Liquid Fertilizers

Earth Juice Products

Earth Juice Liquid Organic Fertilizers are derived from 100% natural, organic ingredients and formulated for vegetables, ornamentals, shrubs, trees and lawns.

Earth Juice Bloom, formulated to increase and sustain blooming of trees, shrubs, and vegetables, is derived from bat guano, ancient seabird phosphate guano, sea kelp, natural sulfate of potash, steamed bone meal, oat bran, and rock phosphate.

Earth Juice Grow, formulated as a general purpose growth stimulator, is derived from bat guano, sea kelp, natural sulfate of potash, feather meal, blood meal, oat bran, and steamed bone meal.

Earth Juice Microblast is a proprietary liquid micro nutrient formula developed specifically to prevent and correct micro nutrient deficiencies. Naturally buffered for assured plant absorption. Contains; magnesium, boron, cobalt, iron, manganese, molybdenum & zinc. This product is helpful in the Texas Hill Country where the water is very high in pH, and the soil is alkaline.

Neptune’s Harvest products are 100% organic and are derived from seaweed and fish using a cold process which preserves amino acids and enzymes. The fish and seaweed combination is a balanced blend that promotes strong and vigorous growth and assists plants in dealing with summer heat stress.

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